What the fuck is Zoombox ?

Zoombox is an easy to use jquery modul that allows you to display images, html content and multi media content with a "lightbox" that floats over your web ppage.

Quick example :


Download View Sources (on github)

  • Can display all kind of links : Images, Flash animations, Youtube videos, Dailymotion videos, Iframe, HTML Content
  • Everything is customizable, you can create new themes using CSS
  • You can group your link and make galleries
  • Standalone version, you can use zoombox as a modalbox :
    $.zoombox.html('I can use this plugin to display modal boxes !');
  • Keyboard shortcuts are now available for galleries (try pressing the arrow keys :)), you can also close the box using Escape key.
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Video demonstration

Sorry but I'm french so I have a horrible accent...

Explications (en français)

Vous verrez à travers cette présentation comment installer et utiliser zoombox.